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Hi everyone!

At the first I'm so sorry for my english. So, let's begin.

My name is Mateusz (Mathew... whatever... just Jednooki - Oneeye/Singleeye). I am from soutch Poland. My experience witch Stargate World:

All episodes, all series, all films Cool

Your mod I found on moddb site and since this time I very cerful track this mod. I would want to help you with the creating ships models (but without script and textures... Modeling is only what I know :( ) My experience you can see n this picture:


Sorry, but I cant add any links befor 7 days left, so this is a little harder way if you want to see my work:

All links are on website imageshack*us (place . against *). After that additional copy lower links:

Early Version:

Optimalized version (less edges):

Few days ago I had almost compleated Model of Replicators Mothership, bud my hard disk was burned and model go to trash :(. They looks something like that:


It's not a perfect drawing but unfortunetly that shoult enough for a some time. Tomorow I will have completly new PC so I can start again do this model as fast as I can. I have some ideas on Replicator Shipyard and Battlecruiser, but maby one step by one.

Of course all things was cooperative with Thiest. He can confirm that.
I think that's the most important. So nothing more to me what a wait for consider my request and waiting for your answer.

Best regards
Jednooki ;]


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Welcome Jednooki, I do not speak English very well, so I leave a menber of staff who speak good English you answer a your request.


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Welcome !


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Hi Jednooki. So, it's Thitest. Yes, you present you. Very good. So I suppose that I can speak because, i have the better english here x).

So, Yes we speak in Facebook, then you're accepted into the community. I put you in the Modder's group.
So, i will do modifications on you status. Therefore, you will be able to speak with the others modders, and have an acces to the SVN.

Aux autres admins :

Bon, Jednooki, je le connait sur Facebook et Moddb. Il a de l'expérience en Modding et donc on accepte toutes les bonnes volontés. J'ai discuté avec lui, et il est prometteur. Il se débrouille pas mal du tout. Il utilise 3ds max.
Donc, je ferais un post sur lui dans "Recrutement"


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